who we are

Cosmopolitan Catering has established itself as Silicon Valley's premier full-service catering and café management company.  Working exclusively within the corporate arena, Cosmopolitan Catering has experienced exponential growth by identifying and solving the recurring problems that Silicon Valley companies face when using outdated corporate food-service models.  We have in turn addressed each of our client's needs independently to thereby provide customized solutions.  The corporate food-service landscape is being redefined by Cosmopolitan Catering by way of bringing back the essence of the word "cater".  While our vision and the core of our business model remains consistent, we take a personalized approach when implementing every food-service program we craft, knowing that no two companies will have the same needs.

The difference when partnering with Cosmopolitan Catering is in our approach and the standards to which we hold ourselves.  We are a progressive, forward thinking company in every capacity in which we operate.  We are constantly reviewing ourselves, and our busines​s model, asking the question, "Is there a better way?"  We start with a highly talented and capable management team that is dedicated to the concept of achieving pure customer satisfaction.  This extends to more than just food.  We want the standard of excellence for our food to be a given.  Of course the food is delicious!  We want to be more than that.  The core of our business was defined and is executed to succeed, regardless of the product or service being offered.  We want to be recognized for being a trusted consultant, a problem solver, a partner.  We want to be recognized for our consistency, our organization, our creativity, and our courtesy.

our difference