our food

Great food starts with great ingredients and food always tastes the best when you eat from your backyard. Cosmopolitan Catering has spent over a decade developing strong relationships with ranchers and farmers throughout California to ensure that we deliver the highest quality meals to our guests without compromise. We are committed to making socially responsible buying decisions that support local business, reduce our carbon footprint, and that are economically sound. 

Cosmopolitan Catering provides high-quality food and strives to be recognized for producing delicious, healthy, and socially responsible meals. We start with whole, raw, single-ingredient food that is processed by hand from scratch. We go to market daily for the freshest produce available and use high-grade proteins in every menu we create. As all of our food is ordered only on demand, we have no need for a sitting inventory of shelf-stable products. Our food is designed to be enjoyed as we produce it, not weeks or months later. Our philosophy to menu creation and production lend itself to consistently producing delicious food. Experience Cosmopolitan Catering and you will taste the difference.